Sep 15, 2007

Michigan Pummels Blighting Irish

Take comfort, Michigan fans.

As atrocious as the Wolverines have been this season, Notre Dame is much, much worse.

Michigan crushed the Blighting Irish 38-0 Saturday in the Disappointment Bowl at the Big House.

It was crystal clear was that Notre Dame was the worse of the two teams. What was unclear was whether to be impressed at the life that the Wolverines finally showed or the rigor mortis of the Irish.

Lloyd Carr can relax for the moment, because it looks like his job is safe -- at least until the end of the season.

Backup quarterback Ryan Mallett was just better than mediocre filling in for Chad Henne, but his three TDs look good in the box score. Mike Hart, who had guaranteed a victory prior to the game, rushed 35 times for 187 yards.

University of Washington coach Tyrone Willingham can take solace in the knowledge that he is at least as good of a coach as Charlie Weis. Willingham, whose Huskies lost at home against Ohio State, was run out of South Bend in 2004.

After being proclaimed a genius for Notre Dame's success in 2005 and 2006, Weis is looking fairly pedestrian these days. And Willingham is emerging as the man who may deserve credit for Weis's initial triumphs.

The Irish turned the ball over four times and didn't reach net positive yardage until the second half. They are a far cry from the team the 10-2 team that reached the Fiesta Bowl in January, and miles away from the team that came within inches of beating Matt Leinart's USC Trojans this time two years ago.

There's no concrete evidence that Michigan's win represented a turnaround in this abysmal season; in fact, with Penn State up next and Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State lurking in November, it could get even worse.

But not to worry, Michigan fans, misery loves company and Notre Dame is glad to commiserate.

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tyduffy said...

My only criticism is that Michigan would never fire Lloyd Carr. He might have resigned, but they would never fire him. The only person with the gravitas there to fire Carr would have been Bo, who never would have allowed it.