Mar 13, 2007

Bonds that just won't mature

This is just too much. Barry Bonds is saying he would consider playing in 2008.

Barry's best chance at playing next year is for the Folsom prison system. Don't know if they'd pay him $16 million a year, but I hear they need a cleanup hitter.

Barry, please do us all a favor and walk away. In fact, you should run so you can get a head start on the Feds. Because no one, except a few delusional Giants fans, wants to watch you continue cheating.


Luke said...

That's right, I had forgotten you were of the opinion that Bonds is juicing.

You do realize the Giants' only remote chance of competing this year is with Bonds in the lineup, don't you?

Kevin said...

I wish the Giants would have left Barry sitting on the curb this offseason. I don't care if we won 60 games and finished last; at least the rookies would get a chance to play! Barry is an albatross for this franchise.

Joel said...


Just kidding. I have no idea what any of this is about. All I ask is, does this mean any rookie cards I have of this man will go up or down in value? Buy? Sell?


Luke said...

Yeah, Kevin, I see your point and part of me agrees with it, but we just forked out $120 mil for a hippie pitcher, so it looks like we gotta try to win now while he still has his stuff.